Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 85 Mountain Home RV Park Mountain Home, Idaho

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August 26, 2009

It was a driving day so not much excitement happening. The landscape in southeast Idaho is arid and bland. The area is really a desert. The temps were in the high nineties and it was very humid.IMG_3922IMG_3931









Ron was tired and not feeling his best so we decided to call it a day early. We got a site at the Mountain Home RV Park IMG_3923 in Mountain Home, Idaho. It was a beautiful place and appeared to have been set-up as a high end RV Resort that was never completed.

After a nap and once the temp dropped we took Jewel for her needed walk. Ron spotted a Columbus RV exactlyIMG_3924 like the one we owned prior to our current MH. It was the same color combo and we were excited to see if it was the one we had once owned. In the 13 years we have been RVing we have never seen another Columbus anywhere.

As it turned out it was a little different – two feet shorter but the same exterior coloring. The man who owned it bought it brand new and was now living in it due to a recent marriage break-up. We were taking a picture of the MH when he came out and wanted to know what we were doing. I think he thought we were appraisers or something. He told us he had to split everything with his soon to be x-wife 50/50. Anyway we got a charge out of finally seeing another Columbus.

We sat outside enjoying the cooled temps. The views weren’t great but  we did get to watch other MH’s parking for the night at the nearby Wal Mart.

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