Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 65 Kent/Auburn, Washington Kent KOA Campground

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August 6, 2009

  Before leaving home Ron arranged to have all of our mail temporarily forwarded to Kelly’s so upon arrival here we had lots of mail to review. Ron spent the morning opening and sorting and paying bills that had not been set up as automatic pay on the internet. That took some time and he still had a lot of reviewing to do.IMG_2990IMG_2997IMG_3000

I convinced him the rest could wait until tomorrow morning so we headed to Kelly’s around 1 PM. Kelly had called and planned to get out of work early because Megan was not feeling well and had an appointment with her PCP.

We had a nice lunch with Patrick and then it was off to the doctor’s with Megan and Kelly. Megan needed antibiotics but will be fine.

We all took a ride to the second campground we will be moving to on Sunday. The place is great and a good find for us. It’s a lot cheaper then KOA and the sites are very large backing up into a nice tree line and river. There are several walking trails there that will make Jewel vey happy. There is also a Frisbee Golf Field there – and us without a Frisbee.

Later Patrick made us a spaghetti dinner with a buffalo meat sauce. Yes, I said buffalo meat!!! It was absolutely delicious and tasted very much like hamburger.

Megan’s friend Perri came over and had dinner with us. Perri is a very nice girl with a quick wit and good sense of humor. The two girls and I made chocolate chip cookies later that evening.IMG_3001 Of course everyone was eating the cookie dough so instead of 60 cookies there was only enough cookie dough to make 36 cookies. Has anyone every heard of Salmonella!!!!!!!!!! Nope, I guess not.

We left around 9:30 and I hit the sack after arriving back at the MH. Ron stayed up to do more mail review. Another great day for us!!!IMG_3005

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