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Day 76 Hard Rain Café RV Park, Forks 101 RV Park Forks, Washington, McCaw Indian Reservation Cape Flattery, Hoh Rain Forest Road

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August 17, 2009

We left the CG around 10:30 am heading across Olympic National Park. On the way to the Hard Rain Café RV Park we stopped in Clallam and parked the RV at a local high school, after asking the principle of course. We were making a stop at Cape Flattery and did not want to take the MH. Kelly and I quickly packed a lunch and we were off to Cape Flattery.IMG_3390

Cape Flattery is the most northwesterly point in the lower forty-eight states and overlooks the Pacific coast line with   incredibly spectacular views. The sea stacks jutting from the ocean floor were magnificent. The waves were crashing and the water once again a deep aqua-blue. It was a place one could sit for hours and meditate or just enjoy the surrounding beauty. Words cannot describe how glorious the views were and pictures cannot tell the story of the landscape.IMG_3405 IMG_3416









The ledge along the ocean was precarious at best so no one was getting close to the edge except for Megan. She decided she wanted to sit on the edge and look down. Not a good idea but she did it anyway. Very scary to say the least and MOM (Kelly) was having a heart attack.

She was also having a heart attack because I had Jewel and she was dragging me to the edge of the cliff. Wouldn’t have been too cool to lose me, Megan and Jewel in the same day. We were all safe and all heart rates went back to normal.IMG_3428 IMG_3429IMG_3431 









Later we stopped at the Makah Indian Reservation, found a picnic bench and had lunch. The town was in a rundown state and there were numerous broken  down vehicles in almost every driveway. Some were very interesting, including the Minnow rotting in a driveway.

IMG_3446 IMG_3447 IMG_3441 IMG_3451

We arrived at the Hard Rain Café RV Park only to find that the full hook-up site we booked was not longer available. The owner of the park decided having sewer hook-ups was too much of a nuisance so took them out. He never called us to let us know so it was an issue. He never apologized for the inconvenience it would cause us with five people and no sewer hook-ups. He was very rude and so was I when I voiced my concerns and stated “this is not going to work.” He slammed his book shut and said “fine.” What a jerk. Ron was really, really mad at me because now we had no campsite for the three nights we would be in the area.IMG_3413IMG_3401

I immediately checked out Woodall’s CG book and did secure a site at the Forks 101 RV Park 12 miles back for the night. It turned out to be the best move. The CG was beautiful with full hook-ups, clean showers and large sites. IMG_3457

I then called the Lonesome Creek CG in La Push and was able to get another full hook-up site right on the ocean. So despite the problems at the Hard Rain Café we made out quite well in the end.

Once again we had another great meal and laughs over dinner. Tomorrow its’ off to the Ocean and hopefully it will be as nice as we think.

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