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Day 77 Lonesome Creek Campground La Push, WA Walking the beach at the CG, Second Beach Sunset

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August 18, 2009

We spent a quiet night at the Forks 101 RV Park. For those of you who don’t recognize name Forks it’s the town that some of the movie Twilight was filmed in. The book was based in Forks because the town is usually never sunny so proposed to be a good place for vampires to live. Every other storefront had a Twilight sign in the window or over the doorways. The owner of the CG gave Megan a free postcard with a picture of Forks High School and Bella’s truck parked out front.IMG_3467

Our dinne r meal last night was again delicious and was finally prepared after three trips to the grocery store across the street for all the ingredients.

We took the short trip to Lonesome Creek Campground and got there in record time. IMG_3474

Lonesome Creek Campground is on an Indian Reservation so our campsite was really oceanfront. From our front window we looked across the beach to the ocean. What a great find. We were all excited and happy that it did not work out at Hard Rain. Once again from something bad came a good experience.

We walked along the beach for about one-half mile in one direction enjoying the sea stacks, large log driftwood and picking rocks and crabs from the beach. Megan and Kelly were once again singing as we walked in the cold water.

IMG_3475 Jewel was also enjoying the freedom of walking on the beach and was especially agile when climbing on the rocks and logs on the jetty. We all traversed the jetty (Patrick helped me) and enjoyed the views in the direction of Rialto Beach.IMG_3531

While walking on the beach a very well fed Labrador came running to us. He was a tribal dog and roams free on the reservation.IMG_3504 He was very playful and was chasing and retrieving the rocks that Patrick was throwing to him. At one point he had two large rocks in his mouth and came back and dropped the two rocks at Patrick’s feet. What a character.

Back on the beach we walked in the opposite direction about ¾ mile and explored the caves we found. The waves were pounding and the undertow strong but we all survived.

Megan had pooped out and her skin was hurting from her sunburn so she didn’t get to see the cave. She headed to the MH to read her book. We have a new whimpy.

After dinner we headed out to Second Beach to watch the sun set. IMG_3562 The trek to second beach was long and downhill all the way (about ¾ mile). Once at the beach we were blockaded by huge driftwood logs and trees. Once again, Ms. Agile had to be helped over the logs to the beach. Everyone tells me I need to not think about falling just jump from log to log. Yeah Right!!!!!

Needless to say the sunset was most spectacular  and both Patrick and Ronnie were snapping pictures like crazy. Megan was writing love notes to all of us in the sand and standing in the way of some very serious photographers trying to get the perfect sunset picture.




Once the sun had set we had to get back over the logs and up the steep trail through the woods. I had been planning my route and did quite well jumping the logs until the very end when my short legs needed assistance getting off some high places.IMG_3514 IMG_3519 IMG_3571

Walking through the woods was a blast. Ron jumped out and scared us all then further down the trial as the darkness set in we needed to use our flashlights. At the end of the trail Patrick was lagging behind with me keeping me safe and my path well lit. Then Kelly and Megan jumped out from behind a sign and scared me half to death. Thanks girls.

It was a great hike and a beautiful sunset. Back at the CG we all sat on the logs on the beach and watched the waves come in. We finally called it a night around ten and headed back to the MH. Another great day with the family!!!!!!

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