Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 79 Game Park Campground Auburn, WA Ruby Beach, Tallest Spruce Tree in the World

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August 20, 2009

We woke to an overcast rainy day that is more the norm for the peninsula. IMG_3788We had a leisurely breakfast and got on the road around 10 AM.

Along the way we missed the entrance to the tallest Cedar Tree. The road signs here are few and far between.

IMG_3796 We stopped at Ruby Beach and once again traversed over the many logs strewn on the beach. Once again Jewel did very well log hopping.IMG_3804 I did well going out to the beach but needed some help jumping off some high spots on the way back. Each beach has been beautiful and spectacular in different ways. The sea stacks in the area made the landscape very unique.






IMG_3803  IMG_3815

Our next stop along the winding, narrow roads was the Tallest Spruce Tree in the World. IMG_3825 Finding a parking space for the MH and Jeep was a challenge. We did get into a driveway of a campground but turning around proved to be a greater challenge because of the length of our rig and the very narrow road. A dump truck was parked in the way and after some conversation with the driver he agreed to move and Ron deftly maneuvered the rig and we were safely on the road again.

We headed down 101 and because the road is under construction there were many stops for road construction. This increased our time on the road significantly. Because of the route we had taken it increased our mileage so we had to gas up. The gas station was tight and unbelievably busy. Once again Ron had to use his driving skills to maneuver in a small space with the big rig – but he did it – again. Patrick could not believe how Ron can get in and out of tight spaces without incident or breaking a sweat.

Once settled at the CG we all went to dinner at Denny’s and enjoyed a great meal. We all finally settled into our respective homes around 10 PM tired and weary but with great memories of the previous five days.

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