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Day 78 Walking the beach at the CG, Rialto Beach

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Lonesome Creek Campground

La Push, WA

August 19, 2009

We woke to another beautiful day. Patrick and Kelly were amazed at how great the weather has been on the peninsula. I guess it’s usually cold and windy.

Both Ron and Patrick took Jewel for a walk on the beach before breakfast. She has been getting a lot of beach walking time and is very happy.IMG_3610

Megan is NOT getting enough sleep because we are all going to bed late and getting up early. Of course sleeping in the kitchen area has its downside with all the noise and activity. She needs eight hours but has been getting only six.

After breakfast Kelly and I packed a lunch for the day trip to Rialto Beach. The ride to Rialto was short and sweet.

The plan was to walk along the beach to the Hole in the Wall, a large rock formation with a cave opening. We walked about ¼ mile and because the tide was coming in and would peak at 12:45 PM we opted to turn back and have our lunch instead of being caught between the ocean and logs on the beach.


After lunch we headed back down the beach and started the 1 ½ walk to Hole in the Wall. We dodged the waves but not so successfully so got soaked. Fortunately it was beautiful and sunny so getting wet was not a problem.

Megan, Kelly and Patrick opted not to get wet and managed to dodge waves by jumping on rocks and logs. They missed all the fun of being drenched by the waves but did get a good laugh watching us.

We stopped about half-way and Megan who was feeling soooo tired decided to nap on a log.IMG_3637 She slept soundly and was lucky she didn’t fall off and kill herself.IMG_3660

Back on the beach we stopped at one of the sea stacks and Ron decided he should take a swim. NOT!!!!! The ocean is brutal and the waves were crashing very hard against the rocks. He didn’t swim but did get up on a rock with the waves crashing around him. He proceeded to pretend he was scaling a sea stack. Kelly and Patrick joined him in the water and frolicked. Megan did not frolic????????????????????????????????????

At the end of the beach we were blocked by the tides from getting to the Hole in the Wall. IMG_3674

A local resident was sun bathing and told us we could climb the steep incline near the peninsula and get to the other side. Because the tide was going out we would be able to walk behind the peninsula and eventually we could walk through the structure and walk back to the beach as the ocean waters receded with the tide.IMG_3758 IMG_3731

Megan was not hot on taking the hike. She is more of city girl then an outdoor person and was not happy with the prospects of climbing the peninsula rock formation. After some debate we decided it was a go and the climb would happen.IMG_3647

The climb to the top of the side of the peninsula was grueling and some of the steps were so high Kelly had to give me a boost to get my very short legs to the next step. Once at the top we had a great view of the sea stacks and the ocean. The climb down the other side was very steep and covered with vines but we all managed to get down without incident.

The tide was out sufficiently so that we could walk along the back of the peninsula and through the Hole in the Wall. Ron and Kelly took pictures of the sea creatures in the tidal pools. IMG_3686 IMG_3736

The tide was not out far enough so that we could walk back to the beach. Patrick and Ron went to investigate the return route and after a short wait Kelly, Ron and I took the beach route along slippery rocks and splashing waves. It was fun for us. Patrick and Megan chose to take the dry route back up the side of the peninsula.



We met back on the beach and took the hike back to the car. Everything looked so different with the tide out. DSCN1589

Back at the CG we ate dinner then sat around the campfire laughing most of the evening. DSCN1594 The sky was crystal clear and because there was little to no ambient light the stars were shining brightly. Tomorrow we head back to Auburn with plans to do more sight seeing on the way.

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