Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 72 Auburn, Washington Game Farm Wilderness Park Campground

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August 13, 2009

The day started out dreary and overcast and pretty much stayed that way all day. We headed over to the Kelly & Patrick’s so I could do some cooking for the trip. Patrick had gone to the grocery store to pick up the items we needed to take with us.

I was the original Betty Crocker, making lasagna, potato salad, chicken salad and chocolate chip cookies. I prepared the ingredients IMG_3104 for Kelly’s terrific macaroni salad so she could toss it all together when she arrived home.

Megan went out with her boyfriend Tyler for the afternoon. Later she helped clean the kitchen after my whirlwind cooking spree. IMG_3107

The Patriot’s were playing their first pre-season game at 4:30 and both Megan and Patrick tired to figure out if it would be broadcast in the area. Of course not- how silly. Megan called the RAM, a local restaurant that broadcasts sports events. The person she spoke to stated that they would have the game available so off we went. Once seated and ready to order we found out that they only get the regular season Patriot’s games, so Ron didn’t get to watch after all.

Tomorrow we will be packing the MH for our family trip to the Peninsula. The weather is expected to be sunny, clear and cool. It will be great hiking weather.

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