Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 59 Electric City, Washington Jones Bay Campground

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July 31, 2009


We spent all of Friday dodging the sun.IMG_2598 IMG_2606 The temp was a grueling 103 degrees in the shade and 115 degrees in the sun.IMG_2604 We had a great view looking over Banks Lake but it was just too hot to enjoy. Just sitting doing nothing we were sweating. Ron does not like to sit around but the heat slowed him to a halt.








We didn’t get to use the AC because we were at a no frills no hook-up campground. IMG_2613 Despite the fact there are 35 campgrounds in the area all of the CG’s with hook-ups were full.







There was a variety of watercraft on the lake. There was a group of young people on a double-decker pontoon boat  IMG_2599having a blast. They were signing and kept on partying until the wee hours of the morning. Surprisingly we liked the music and were happy to hear them having such a great time. The young couple tenting next to us weren’t so enthused. They found the music and noise annoying.

Around 9 PM the temp started to drop and surprisingly the projected temp for the night - 66 degrees. It was and we were able to sleep well.

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