Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 68 Auburn, Washington Game Farm Wilderness Park Campground

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August 9, 2009


Today was moving day for us from the KOA to the Game Farm Wilderness Park Campground in Auburn. We had booked reservations in February for site # 18 for six days.

Before leaving KOA Kelly, Patrick and Megan came to the MH and had breakfast with us. IMG_3041Patrick led the way to Game Park and we arrived around noon. Check-in wasn’t until 2 PM but since we had to leave KOA by 11 AM we hoped we might be able to check into Game Park before their 2 PM check-in time.IMG_3043

Betty, the lady in charge had no issue with an early check-in as long as the people at that site had left. No such luck. The site was occupied with tents personal belongings and a very large dog in a screen, house, but no people. Since check-out isn’t until 1 PM we sat and chatted with Betty. What a terrific and entertaining lady. She had two cats, one fluffly , fat black and white cat and one feral cat named Yoda with its left ear missing.


  At 1 PM we went to the site we had reserved but once again no people just stuff. Site # 18 Around 1:15 PM a young couple showed up but after talking with them they told us they were not leaving despite us telling them we had the site reserved. I spoke with Betty and she and Bud, her partner told the people they would have to leave because we had formal reservations. They told her they wanted to stay and that their Father had made reservations – not so.

Ron had pulled into site # 16 but unfortunately it is not available for the six nights we had booked for site # 18. Betty was going to make the people move all their stuff to site 16 so we could have 18 but we told her we would stay in 16 until Friday then move to 18. She didn’t want us to do that based on principle and also because we had reservations and the people who stayed in site 18 did not. Sounds complicated – well it was and too make matters even worse every other site but 18 was empty but not for the six day period we needed. What are the odds that the site we booked had rude people who would not vacate it. Betty was willing to call the police if need be but we didn’t want it to go that far. We parked and settled into to site # 16 and then headed to Kelly’s.Site #16

After three hours of banter and waiting we spent the rest of the day relaxing. The sun came out for a short period of time and we enjoyed the warmth.

Arriving back at the CG the people in 18 were still there with loud barking unleashed, very big dogs and a crying baby. Go figure.

Tomorrow we will be taking a ride to Fire Volcano State Park. And hopefully our neighbors in 18 will leave.

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