Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 67 Kent/Auburn, Washington Kent KOA Campground

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August 8, 2009

Jewles new Bed

We were greeted with another overcast day with temps in the 60’s. No problem for us since we’ve decided the cooler the better.

We had breakfast with the family and spent the day chatting, watching old videos and just hanging around.The Hike Before dinner Kelly, Megan, Ron, Jewel and I went on a hike in Kelly’s neighborhood. Jewel loved it and the walk up and down the hills was good for us.









After an incredible steak dinner, cooked by Patrick, Kelly, Megan and I decided a royal blue strip of hair might just look cool. So we began the process of bleaching a strip of hair in preparation for the blue coloring. Kelly had recently dyed her hair black as did I so the process took a little longer. Megan’s hair is light and bleached out really well so when I highlighted her hair with the royal blue it came our great.IMG_3038 Kelly’s lightened but the blue was darker and did not show up against her black hair. Of course my blue stripe took well because of my gray hair. IMG_3040 The boys weren’t happy with us but we had a great time doing girl things.

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