Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 61 Twisp, Washington Riverbend Campground

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August 2, 2009


We were unable to sleep well last night for two reasons. One we foolishly went out to dinner for Mexican food that did not sit well and number two it never really cooled own enough to get a comfortable sleep.

We left Electric City around 9:30 AM with the temp hovering in the mid 90’s and very humid. On the way out of town we stopped at a windmill display by a gentleman named Gehrke. He made windmills out of discarded junk and donated them to the town. A very interesting display with unusual moving parts such as funnels, coffee cups and hammers.IMG_2720




Along route 20 we saw many glacial boulders IMG_2726 that were dropped randomly along the landscape by the glaciers and glacial waters. Some of the boulders were swept along for thousands of miles before coming to rest along the way.






We stopped in Okanogan to take a picture of the replica of the old Okanogan fire department building in Legion Park. Its an exact replica of the old fire building and is now used as a fire department museum.IMG_2729




As the day progressed the temp rose back into the 100’s again with the humidity rising with the temp. By Noon we were ready to stop and get a CG with electricity so we could cool off. Ron is not usually bothered by the heat, but it really got to him. Three days of no real relief was enough so we stopped at a CG along Route 20 and were glad we did. It was great to feel the coolness of the AC and be comfortable again. Despite running the AC while we were driving the sun pouring in the massive windshield prevented any cooling effect.

Earlier in the morning Ron was reading that the area we were in was considered the desert of Washington. DUH – how smart were we planning a visit to the desert in the summer.

The CG was beautiful and we secured a spot along the river under a great big shade tree.IMG_2736 The temp in the shade stayed at 103 degrees until 8 PM. Tomorrow is projected to be a little cooler – in the 90’s. IMG_2745

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