Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 73 Auburn, Washington Game Farm Wilderness Park Campground

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August 14, 2009

Today was packing day for the family trip to Olympic National Park. Ron and I were to help Patrick load the food and clothing into the MH. Once at Patrick’s we IMG_3110lounged around and never did get the MH packed before Kelly got home from work. Our Bad!!! It was such a beautiful day we hung around on the deck and enjoyed the sun and warm weather.

Shortly before Kelly arrived home from work Megan challenged me to work-out on the Wii Fit. What a blast and before I knew it I had completed twenty minutes of exercise. I’m thinking we need one of those.

Megan’s Dad had just returned from a one-month overseas military assignment so she would not be having dinner with us. Since we are leaving in the morning she spent the night with her Dad.IMG_3115

While sitting in the backyard we spotted a helicopter and small airplane buzzing over- head. They were passing each other very closely and were flying fairly low, buzzing the neighborhood several times. It was nerve racking because of the recent incident in New York. We weren’t sure what they were doing but it didn’t look safe.




The rest of us had lasagna for dinner and finally moved on to packing the MH. Back at the campground we all took a three - mile hike with Jewel along the Stuck River that borders the CG. It was a beautiful night and the walk was good exercise after eating a big dinner – again!

Tomorrow we will start our road trip with the family. Yeah!!!! IMG_3116

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