Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 84 Meacham, Oregon - Emigrant Springs State Campground

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August 25, 2009

After a very restful night in the Wal Mart parking lot we decided to unhook the Jeep from the MH and head out to find the infamous potholes. Twenty-five miles west of Othello is a huge reservoir where the potholes are supposedly located. IMG_3883 We stopped at Potholes State Park and after searching and reading all of the literature on the bulletin boards found that the potholes are actually at the bottom of the reservoir. Now we understand why the internet was unable to provide us with good info on potholes. Oh well, it was a valiant effort but no luck viewing the potholes.

Eastern Washington is quite different from the rest of the state. It is actually a desert area and the heat was intolerable. We have become accustomed to cooler temps and did not like the 90- degree weather with the scalding sun.











Once into Oregon and out of the desert climate we opted to stop early and hunker down for the night. We stopped at Emigrant Springs State Campground right off the interstate. The CG is a really nice place with full hook-ups for only $16.00 per night. It sits in a heritage area along the Oregon Trail.

“Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area preserves a site near

the summit of the Blue Mountains where Oregon TrailIMG_3892 IMG_3896 IMG_3894 IMG_3899

travelers once replenished their water supplies. Now visitors

find a refreshing place to camp in an old-growth forest

between Pendleton and La Grande.”

After a nap and dinner we took a walk around the park and found some interesting structures. One in particular was the walkway to nowhere. IMG_3906








We then drove to a viewpoint on the Umatilla Indian Reservation.IMG_3916 The landscape was moonlike with rolling hills – very, very pretty.IMG_3911








  We were able to get a great sunset shot over the trees. IMG_3920 We didn’t get very far today, only 147 miles but we definitely enjoyed the journey.



r0n NOTE: isn’t this a Beautiful Country we have, when you can just pull off the road at no particular place and find the things we have been able to run into!

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