Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 69 Auburn, Washington Game Farm Wilderness Park Campground

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August 10, 2009 


Last night was very interesting arriving at the CG. I forgot to mention that we were unable to get out of the Jeep because of the very large dogs barking at the door. Finally the owner called them off. I carried Jewel into the MH because all FIVE of their dogs were loose. Yes , five and no leases, despite the lease law.

IMG_3055The entire group left around 10 PM this morning, however they saw fit to leave one tent, chairs and a baby jumper at the site. I spoke with Betty and she was appalled #1: that they had not leashed their dogs as IMG_3052instructed, #2: that they left their belongings on the site – perhaps as a message that they weren’t going to leave until the 1 PM deadline and #3 that after talking to the father and telling him we were the one’s that conceded so they didn’t have to move – no one came to our site and thanked us.. We chalked it up to ignorance.

We finally got the MH moved around noon. While we were setting up, the Director of Parks and Recreation stopped by to apologize to us for having to move again and having to deal with the people that refused to leave our site. We thought that was very nice of him.

After lunch we drove to the Flaming Geyser.IMG_3065IMG_3058 IMG_3056IMG_3057 We have been coming to this area for the last twenty-three years and had never heard of the Flaming Geyser and no one had ever suggested we go view this geyser. Well, there was a reason it is not promoted as a tourist stop the Geyser is actually a hole in the ground with a pipe with a flame caused by the methane. The flames at the dump in Taunton are bigger then the flame from the Flaming Geyser. Kelly thought it would be a good gag so enlisted Patrick and Megan to take us too it. Nice play Kelly LOL.IMG_3066





Later we had another great meal – IMG_3072 although too much, and headed out to Kohl’s to do school clothes shopping with Megan. Megan picked up some cute attire all of which she looked perfect in. Megan drove us back to the house and we called it a night.

No more asking Jewel to come with us. Now we just pick her up and take her.IMG_3068

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