Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 83 Othello, WA - Wal*Mart

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August 24, 2009IMG_3882IMG_3881

The nineteen days here flew by like a rocket ship. Where does the time go????

Kelly stopped by and had coffee with us this morning. We will definitely miss being with her and the family. Jewel will go into a depression when she realizes she will not be seeing Kelly, Megan and Patrick. She has adopted Patrick as her new best friend and will have withdrawal from him for sure.

After washing the MH and car we were ready to leave around Noon. We stopped and talked to Betty, the lady who oversees the park. She plans to be back next summer and so do we.


The ride to Othello was uneventful. We stopped at the local Wal Mart bought much needed groceries and spent the night.

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