Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 57 Spokane, Washington KOA Kampground

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July 29, 2009


We woke to an overcast sky but reasonable warm. The other couple in the rest area was from Winnipeg, and were traveling at their own pace. Sometimes they would drive only five miles a day then stop and stay wherever they landed. It looked like they would be at the rest area for another night. They spent time cleaning the trash from the area as payment for their free parking space.

The plan was to take scenic route 20 to Kelly’s but somehow we both missed the turnoff. We were looking for the entrance to a CG when we bypassed the turn. We found ourselves heading to Spokane somewhat out of the way (r0n NOTE:a busy congested big city).

The plan was to get a full hook-up campsite so I could do laundry. We hadn’t had any services for ten days so the underwear was in short supply. Needless to say the CG I wanted to stay at Ron didn’t and those that we stopped at were full (r0n NOTE:not exactly true. I told Deb you make the decisions because all the ones I make are BAD. I suggested she look in the Campground (all this while I am dogging crazy fool nutty Spokane drivers in 92 degree temp) book find a campground she liked call to verify availability then plug it into TOMTOM, however she found a campground she liked plunged it into TOMTOM and when we arrived it was full) . Very frustrating!!! We finally found a site at the KOA in Spokane and grabbed it because it was only full service site available. When we pulled in the temp was 92 degrees and since the MH needed a good cleaning being able to put on the AC was a blessing.



We had cable TV for the first time in weeks and when we put the TV on there was nothing but negativity so we shut that down rather quickly. Its not so bad not watching TV and the less we watch the less we want to watch.

Later we went to Wal Mart for our grocery restocking. Kelly called and was surprised to hear we were in Washington. We will be getting into Auburn sooner then expected and with some coaxing from Kelly agreed to stay at the pricey KOA near her home. They happened to have a site available for the days that we needed. Of course they did with their outrageous charges!!!! Ron always likes to “wing it” but we all know how that worked out in Canada so I made the executive decision to book KOA – and I’m glad I did. Kelly, actually booked it while we were talking and within minutes we had the confirmation. Yeahh!!!!! A place to stay that is not a parking lot and we get the benefit of seeing our family sooner.


(r0n NOTE: can you say type A personality? I like to just go along and see what I want for as long as I want and let the worrying to the rest of the folks. We have never had to overnite in anyplace I would consider dangerous. We do have a 38 foot class A motorhome with 2 tvs, furnace, AC, generator cel-phone,aircard Internet connection, recliner and couch, washing machine,inverter so we can run most things on battery without starting generator (MOST THINGS DO NOT INCLUDE HAIR DRYER of coarse)

I to can not wait to see my West coast Family, and will enjoy the visit no mater where we end up parking. This will only be possible if Deb does not check my contemporaneous notes. Have a peaceful, loving calm Day All................r0n

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