Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 49 Waterton National Park,Waterton, Canada Waterton Springs Campground

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July 21, 2009

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Ron and I have discovered that the National Parks in Canada are quite small compared to those in the U.S. The usual timeframe for getting through a U.S. Park is two – seven days and here more like five hours. We’ll be factoring that in when we visit Banff and Jasper.

Ron took Jewel for a hike before breakfast and found some “fancy grass” IMG_1586he really liked. We don’t know what it is called but its pretty. Jewel is finally getting some hiking in because dogs are allowed on the trails in Canada.IMG_1636IMG_1637

We toured Waterton National Park starting with a hike in the Red Rock Canyon.IMG_1595 IMG_1598IMG_1620 The Canyon has been formed by the force of the water running through it.

Immediately after completing the canyon hike we hiked to Blakiston FallsIMG_1606 another beautiful waterfall to add to our list of waterfalls visited.

Then we headed out to the Akamina Parkway and stopped for lunch at Cameron Lake. The water was a deep turquoise blue and the snow-covered mountains were the perfect backdrop.IMG_1628

We then hiked to Akamina LakeIMG_1630 a small pristine lake with some fly fishermen enjoying the quiet and solitude. That is until a young family came along screaming IMG_1631 and yelling to scare away a possible bear.

The entire road trip around the park including hikes and lunch took five hours. Quite a difference from our long days at Yellowstone. Since we would not be allowed back into the park after 4 PM (our entrance fee expired then) we decided to stop along the shores of Lake Waterton IMG_1659 and enjoy the views. While there we spotted four Elk across the lake that were enjoying the foliage and water. They were huge beautiful animals.

We then stopped at Blakinston Creek where Ron dipped his feetIMG_1648 into the cold glacial waters. The area was beautiful and except for the bubbling creek very quiet.IMG_1661

By the way, Ron found out the name of the flowers he loves Gaillardia.

My Flower

First Oil Well In Western Canada ............IMG_1643>

Back at the MH I made dinner, washed clothes, cut Ron’s hair, gave Jewel a bath and haircut and dyed my hair. Ron planned our trip to Banff tomorrow and then it was off to bed.

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  1. Woolfy from Rv. Net. Just wanted to say HI and I'm enjoying your pictures and seeing your trip. Certainly a trip of a life time. Enjoy