Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 30 Shoshone National Forest Lander, Wyoming Sinks Canyon

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July 2, 2009


It is hard to believe we have been on the road for thirty days and we are beginning month two of our road trip. The time has flown by incredibly fast. We have been fortunate with the weather. Although it rains almost daily its after the days activities. We wonder if this normal for this part of the country – Thunder, lighting and rain every evening.

Ron found this great place called Sinks Canyon State Campground. The only problem was that the sites at the campground could not house anything bigger


This is a tunnel on the way.

then a 24-foot trailer. We moved on to the Shoshone National ForestTunnel on the Way

IMG_5377   IMG_5376 IMG_5418 

adjacent to Sinks and were fortunate enough to get a site with a view for $7.50 per night. Our dream site would have been on the rushing river but our RV was too big to fit. Over the last few trips we have come to realize that our MH is too big. We would have done better with something much smaller especially since we like to stay in remote areas. Live and learn I guess.

After settling in we decided to take a ride down to the sinks area where the river flows under the mountain then disappears then comes out the other side. The area is absolutely beautiful and the rushing water spectacular. The walk down to the sink was rugged and rocky but worth the visit.

We stopped at the visitor center and laying in the driveway was a huge long-horned sheep. IMG_5379The Ranger told us the sheep has taken to living there for the last four months.

While at the Sink IMG_5395IMG_5386we met a family from Michigan who had a long-haired dachshund named Ginger. She was adorable and her and Jewel made fast friends.IMG_5409We then went to the Rise where the water comes up out of the sink. There are tons of trout in the area and they are happy to be fed. There is a ban on fishing at the rise.

Back at the MH we planned our next days activities while it rained and thundered.

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