Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 45 Glacier National Park St. Mary’s Campground, St. Mary Montana

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Glacier National Park

St. Mary’s Campground, St. Mary Montana

July 17, 2009


We had great plans to get up early and hit the road but we didn’t. Instead we got up later then planned and hung around the campsite until after lunch.Jewel Board Looking out the window of the RV at the Campground

We then went to the visitor center and watched a film on Glacier National Park.IMG_1094







After watching the film we decided to go to Many Glaciers about forty minutes from St. Mary. The ride to Many Glaciers was beautiful and we made many stops to enjoy the scenery and the many glaciers.


Wild Flowers!










At every turn the snow covered mountains looked different and the water in the lakes a beautiful glacial blue from the melting snow.IMG_1089 Many times what we thought were glaciers were just snow pack on the mountains. In 1850 there were over 150 glaciers in the park but now there are only 26 glaciers left. It is estimated that by the year 2040 all the glaciers will be gone. Most scientists’ attribute this to global warming while others feel it is the natural progression of things.

It was a short day for us and we returned to the CG and relaxed the rest of the day. This is the first stop we have made that we’ve actually taken the time to relax and enjoy some down time.

Moose and Baby       Many Glcers Lodge

Inside Lodge

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