Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 35 Grand Teton National Forest Jackson Hole, Wyoming Gros Ventre (Gro-vant) Campground FINALLY : A DAY OF REST

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July 7, 2009



After 34 days on the road, non-stop activities and long -long days we finally sat down for more then ten-minutes and promptly fell asleep. Ron was very resistant to “hanging around” and “wasting” a day but even Mr. Robot Man fell victim to fatigue.Boy am I Tired

We had plans to take a float trip down Snake River and then a Tram ride up a mountainside in Teton Village but that never happened. It was quite nice not to do anything and Ron did agree it was what he needed as well.IMG_0195

I’m sure everyone thinks we are well rested – NOT!!! We both look haggard and tired from the go-go-go routine we have fallen into. Tomorrow we head out to Yellowstone and we know there will be no resting the seven days we are there.


r0n NOTE: when we arrived at Fishing Bridge CG, I was informed “I needed to learn how to crawl over the bed to unlock the slide bar without messing the Bed Spread up” ??

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