Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 33 Grand Teton National Forest Jackson Hole, Wyoming Gros Ventre (Gro-vant) Campground Jackson Hole, Gros Ventre Landslide, Teton Village

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July 5, 2009


The nights here really get cold! The temp this morning was 42 degrees requiring us to turn on the heat to warm up. Daytime temps are in the 70’s and the constant breezes are very cool but the sun here will roast you.

We have a spectacular view out the front of our MH looking at the Tetons. We sure lucked into this site!!!!

We drove into Jackson Hole to check out cameras. First stop was at a camera store with high prices. After looking at a $500.00 camera we headed to K-Mart and Staples to check out what they had to offer. We bought a really nice Canon camera with all the features that Ron wanted for under $300.00. He is happy with the purchase and after charging the battery we can resume picture taking.

We then got the filthy car washed and filled the tank with gas. We are now ready to roll.

Since we were in town we decided to spend some time in Jackson. It is quite a beautiful place with high end everything. It was very busy and more crowded then we like. We planned to eat in town but couldn’t get near a restaurant so headed back to the MH and I made lunch.

We headed out to Teton VillageIMG_0085 IMG_0022 down a road that would only allow cars due to the narrow winding road. OH!! NO!! a sign that states rough surface next three miles – That, can only mean one thing – A DIRT ROAD- and we just washed the car. Of course then the daily afternoon rain shower occurred making the dirt road even worse, so now our clean car is clean no more.

Teton Village is quite beautiful with private condominium complexes with big signs telling you to stay out. The tram to the ski-slope was built for 31-million dollars two years ago. Things are good in this part of the country. Teton Village accommodates the rich and famous quite nicely.

We road back to the Gros Ventre landslide and took Jewel for a hike down the trail to the landslide debrisIMG_0038 field overlooking the lake. Of course the signs telling us about Grizzly Bear in the area spooked me out but we ventured on anyway. The hike was fairly short (about ½ mile round trip) and the day was beautiful. The overlook to the lake was spectacular IMG_0040and to think the lake did not exist until the landslide. The trail back was uneventful until I decided to take a different less steep route then Ron and Jewel. Of course jewel came looking for me and she was wagging her little tail and shaking all over. I was so engrossed in watching her excitement to see me I didn’t see the rock that I ultimately tripped over and skinned my knees. Yes, folks I did it again!! Ron was on the opposite trail and when he saw me go down again he couldn’t believe his eyes. This time, I wasn’t carrying the camera.

On the way back to the CG we encountered the largest herd of Buffalo yet.


TIMG_0033hey were on both sid es of the street in the fields, in the street, walking beside the car, in front of the car and keeping traffic at a standstill. It was really cool.

We are camped fairly close to the Jackson Hole Airport and have been watching the planes fly IMG_0081 in with the Tetons as their backdrop. I was lucky enough to get a good picture of a plane coming in for a landing.

Back at the MH Ron spent time getting acclimated to the new camera. Tomorrow we will take the 43-mile Scenic Loop Drive within Teton National Park and take in more of the incredible scenery.

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