Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Matamoras, PA, Welcome Center June 3, 2009

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Day 1

We finally hit the road after a whirlwind weekend tying up loose ends, visiting the family and preparing ourselves mentally for this extended trip.

We both decided that packing and preparing can be never ending but we finally put it to rest around 10:30 AM. We went out to breakfast and were on the road short of Noon. Jewel was a little confused about all the activity but settled in nicely.

Instead of taking I-95 we opted for Route 6 then 84 through Hartford, Connecticut. The journey took a little longer because the traffic moved much slower but the scenery is far superior.

After five hours on the road we decided to pull in at the Matamoras Welcome Center and have some dinner. We then decided to spend the night here because it is safe and quiet.

Jewel is tuckered out from her ride and is napping on the couch. Ron is planning the next leg of the journey – the flight 93 Memorial. Then it will be on to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. I wanted to book advance tickets as recommended on the web site but Ron thinks we won’t need to. I don’t agree so I will call tomorrow during operating hours and get the scoop.

Not a great travel day in terms of distance but it sure has been a good first day on the road.

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