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Day 3 Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright June 5, 2009

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June 5, 2009
Day 3

We got up this morning with the best of intentions – to get on the road to Falling Waters early. Not happening!!! After enjoying our morning tea, coffee, conversation and walking Jewel we finally headed out around 10:00 AM.

The road to Fallingwater was narrow, winding and very steep- again testing the fortitude of our gas engine Motorhome. No problem, she got up the hills and the only stress was from me.

We arrived at Fallingwater wondering if we would get into the parking lot as advertised. The road into the lot was very, very, very narrow but my driver did an excellent job and we made it without any scratches or dents. LOL

Frank Lloyd Wright was certainly ahead of his time when it came to design. The home looked like something out of the 70’s instead of the 30’s. The architecture of the home was unique and inspiring but not a structure that could be duplicated today due to building codes.

The sounds of the waterfall beneath the home varied in intensity depending on your location in the house. As I said the design of the home was really unique and inspiring but the furniture was cold and uninspiring.

Unfortunately pictures of the interior were not allowed but we got some great outside shots and Ron did sneak an inside photo without getting caught.

Our next planned stop today was another home Frank Lloyd Wright designed – Kentuck-Nob six miles from Falling Water or so we thought. We were told that we could park our RV at the state park down the road and drive the car up the very steep mountain road.

After doing research on the park I noticed that they have a no pet policy, however Ron did not believe me and up the mountainside we went only to find out guess what?????? No pets – DUH!! It was back down the mountain and no visit to Kentuck-Nob.

Ron planned our route to the Chicago area and due to road construction and my inability to follow along on either our Tom-Tom or DeLorme (Yes, we use both) we missed our exit (or should I say I missed the exit) and ended up on a road to nowhere with no place to turn the rig around. Double DUH

Ron has decided I am hopeless as a navigator and after counting to one thousand and taking deep breathes we unhooked the car turned our rig around re-hooked and were on our way again. And to think this is only day three!

Stopped at a rest area on I –70, had dinner and Ron took a much needed nap. We hit the road again around 8 PM trying to tack on additional miles. Our original plan was to spend three to four days in Chicago but since we have an appointment to fix our hydraulic jacks (won’t go down to level MH) in Moscow, Iowa on Wednesday, June 10th, our time in Chicago will be shortened by two days.


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