Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 22 Little Bighorn National Park 7th Ranch Campground

June 24, 2009

We left Devils Tower and chose to take the less traveled route 212. We drove for many miles before seeing another vehicle but did see lots of horses, cows, sheep and elk. The views were outstanding and one could see for more miles then I would guess. It was a great route and one we would recommend to anyone traveling this part of the country who like us enjoy the beauty of nature.

The few towns (three I think) were small and far apart. One could blink an eye and miss the town. Unfortunately for us we did run into a problem in Lame Deer, population 67.

The road signs are not very clear and there is a four - way intersection with a blinking light in the center of town. The speed limit goes from 65 mph to 35 mph without notice and at the blinking red light is a stop sign. Well, both Ron and I saw the light but not the stop sign. By the time he has seen the sign and tried to slow down it was too late. Although slowed, we went right through that stop sign. Thank God the people waiting at that intersection did not try to cross. Unfortunately, there was a patrolman at the intersection and we were pulled over. Luckily, the officer understood the situation and let us go without a ticket. He did tell us another officer was hit at that intersection the night before. He wished us a good vacation and we were on our way again.

We arrived at the 7th Ranch RV Park. The park sits in the middle of the Little Bighorn Battlefield. It is where the 7th Calvary was located, hence 7th Ranch. The campground overlooks the rolling hills and valleys of Little Bighorn and the snow capped mountains I the distance can be seen from anywhere in the campground.

We’re slowing down a bit and enjoying the country. After driving over two-hundred miles we didn’t feel like doing much so didn’t go out sightseeing after arriving at the CG. We hung around and planned for the next day. The weather has been spectacular and we feel very fortunate that the weather gods have been on our side –so far.
This is usually the point in our trip that we would be turning around to head home. It feels strange not to have to do that but liberating as well. I’m feeling a little guilty about being on the road for so long – but Ron isn’t so the road trip continues.

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