Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 24 Perry’s RV Park Red Lodge, Montana Pictograph Cave State Park

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June 26, 2009

We left the campground around 10 AM this morning heading towards Red Lodge, Montana. On the way through Billings, we stopped at a Calebra’s and I bought a comfortable pair of sneakers. We were allowed to leave our MH in the parking lot so disconnected the car and headed 5 miles back to Pictograph Cave State Park.

The area was beautiful but the pictographs difficult to pick out. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera but click on the link to the website and then click on park images for some nice shots.

We arrived at Perry’s RV Park just in time. Shortly after arriving a huge storm rolled in with torrential rains and thunder and lightening. After the storm we took a short hike around the park and along the creek behind the campground. The area has been bombarded with torrential rains and all the rivers and waterfalls are running fast and hard. The immediate area is beautiful and you can see snow capped mountains in the distance.


Tomorrow we plan to take the Beartooth Highway to view and enjoy the vistas that we have been told are spectacular.
I almost forgot. On our arrival at Perry’s the owner warned us about a bull moose who has been in the park causing some problems. He told us that the moose jumped over his golf cart and that another moose had attacked and broken the arms of two people down the road this week. We’ll be keeping a lookout for that moose and watching over Jewel.

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