Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 8 Grimes, Iowa - HWH - Cutty’sCamping Club

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June 10, 2009
HWH - Moscow, Iowa
Cutty’s Camping Club

We were up at 5:30 AM and prepared for a long day waiting for the jacks to be repaired. Ron pulled the MH into the garage at 7:15 AM and to our surprise we were on the road by 8:30 AM. The circuit board was repaired and all the jack springs were replaced and with labor the total bill was only $187.00. We were pleasantly surprised because we were under the impression from the conversations Ron had with the supervisor at HWH that this repair could be upwards of $1000.00.

I convinced Ron that since we opted to skip the Mall of America ( 236 miles of backtracking) that we needed to stop at a full hook-up campground so I could do some laundry, reorganize and give Jewel a break.

We’re not sure what but Jewel got into something that has been making her sick. She has had some intermittent vomiting and has not eaten in 36 hours. If she shows no improvement by tomorrow we will be looking for a vet.

We carry a Campgrounds of America discount card so found a “Resort” campground about 200 miles away. We arrived at Cutty’s RV Park and Resort in Grimes Iowa around 12:30 PM. The place is huge with over 500 campsites – most are seasonal camp club members. We were able to get a site with full-hook-ups and 50 amp service for $13.75 for the night using our card.

I did laundry while Jewel rested under the picnic table and Ron re-thinking the next leg of our trip. We also decided to skip the Dell’s because it is in the opposite direction of our travel.

It felt good to settle in for the day and not be running around or driving hundreds of miles. Ron has a hard time with slowing down but we are now a full week ahead of schedule. He did admit it was nice to take a rest day but he is not sure how many non-productive days he can tolerate. That’s my Robot Man!!!!

While having dinner at the picnic table another couple pulled in at the adjacent site. When they were moving their picnic table closer to their RV Ron noticed a baby bunny hiding in the grass. There were three hiding in the grass and Jewel was monitoring them very closely. Jewel did not move or try to go after them (only 5-6 feet away) and two hours later when they finally hopped off she just watched. Somehow I think she knew they were just cute little babies and not to be chased.
Jewel is feeling a little better but still won’t eat.

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