Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 97 Geneva State Park Geneva, Ohio

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September 7, 2009



We headed out around 9 AM with cloudy skies and as the morning progressed intermittent rain showers. The farther east we travel the worse the weather has gotten. No more bright sunshine every day. We never thought too much about the humidity on the east coast but it is definitely quite annoying.

The entire weekend we have been noticing the huge number of police out on patrol but Ohio has everyone beat so far. Every 50 miles or so another motorist was pulled over. Ohio must have an enormous state police force.


We decided to stop at Geneva State Park for the night. The park sits on the banks of Lake Erie and since the holiday weekend is over we had no difficulty getting a site. 

Lake Eire’s existence can be traced to the glacial era of Ohio’s geological history when the state was covered by ice over one mile thick. During the Pleistocene era continental glaciers advanced and receded from Ohio at least four times. The scouring action of the ice sheet created the lake Erie Basin. Because Lake Erie is a shallow lake, it becomes treacherous during severe storms. It can change from a serene quiet lake to raging and thundering in a matter of hours.

We planned on walking along the beach and maybe even wading in the water but the weather was cold and drizzling so we just opted to stand and watch the lakes waves lap against the shoreline and the freighter traveling in the distance. IMG_4836IMG_4837

We took a ride to the beach town that reminded us of Salisbury Beach in New Hampshire. Despite it being late evening there were still quite a few people in the beach town on the last night of the Labor Day weekend.

Back at the CG we had diner and settled in for the night.

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