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Day 101 Historic Valley Campground North Adams, MA

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September11, 2009

Welcome to the City of North Adams’ LINK:

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We have made a couple of attempts to get to the top of Mount Greylock and hopefully this stop will result in success,. The first time Ron tried the climb to Greylock in the Columbus MH but that turned out badly. The poor Columbus was struggling and straining to get up that mountain and we finally had to turn around. The second time the road was closed due to construction.

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The weather hasn’t looked too promising since arriving at the CG and the weather forecast is for rain. We wasted no time getting out the door and our first stop was at the Natural Bridge State Park. The Natural Bridge is made of marble and the dam is the only marble dam in the country. It s quite spectacular and different from any dam we have seen.

Natural Bridge State Park LINK:

Western Gateway Heritage State Park LINK:

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Then it was on to the Hoosac Tunnel, or so we thought. Although we had it plugged into the TomTom we were unable to locate it. We drove around for about 30 minutes with no luck so we headed up to Mount Greylock.

clip_image001 LINK:

The weather was deteriorating and the higher we climbed the fog thickened. By the time we reached the summit you could only see about two feet in front of you. We didn’t let a little weather stop us so we headed to the Bascum Lodge that was built by the CCC’s during the depression. The fireplaces in the lodge are beautiful and you can spend the night in the lodge if you choose to.

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r0n NOTE: the ranger attempted to get the $3.00 parking fee from us but I explained to him we had a Senior Mass Pass. (get outa here)!

Back outside we walked to the lighthouse through the dense fog a Massachusetts Veteran’s War Memorial that was erected as a monument to the men and women who fought in our armed services.

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The trip back down the mountain was very interesting. The fog was really thick making seeing very difficult. It’s always an adventure for us.


Back at the MH Ron was intently looking for that Hossac Tunnel.

Welcome to

He finally found what he was looking for and of course has to seek it out. The tunnel is on private land owned by the railroad and there are no trespassing signs. Of course Ron ignored those and made his trip to the tunnel along the railroad tracks. I waited in the car for the fast getaway if needed. IMG_5186

Back at the MH and with his curiosity satisfied we had our last dinner on the road. Tomorrow we will be back home. Ron is not happy about returning home and would like to stay on the road permanently. We have a lot of planning to do if that is our next move.

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