Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 92 Medicine Bow National Forest Vedauwoo Campground, Wyoming

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September 2, 2009







We were up early so decided to take a ride to the visitor center. Ron had in his mind that he wanted to do some hiking but I was out of sorts and hiking was not on my list. After some discussion we forfeited the hike (at least for the morning) and took a ride around the area instead.



This is the Old Lincoln Highway RT 30 this is the highest spot on I-80 8600 feet.








We toured the area and stopped by the Curt Gaudy State Park. IMG_4504 It was another beautiful park with sites by a lake. The area is big into fishing and hunting and most of the parks are set up to accommodate both.IMG_4506








Later we hiked the Box Canyon Trail and oohed and aahed over the rock formations. It was another beautiful day and we enjoyed being outdoors. We had planned on taking Jewel with us but when we called her to the Jeep (hates riding in the jeep) she opted to go into the MH and nap on the couch. ???????????????????????????????????????IMG_4525 

Later in the evening Ron took Jewel for a walk while I made dinner. They walked around the massive formation right by our campsite. And Ron informed me of all the beautiful formations I had missed. Jewel was a good guide dog and led Ron out of the woods on a trail she found.IMG_4533 IMG_4536






































After dinner the storm clouds were rolling by and we heard some people yelling on the rocks. A young woman was rock climbing and she was trying to get down. Her friend was guiding her but she kept yelling she was afraid. Meanwhile the lighting was flashing in that big cloud above her head. We were afraid for her – not that she would fall but that she would get struck by lightening. She got a grip and rappelled down quickly. I think she was afraid of the lighting too.IMG_4609 IMG_4606

I don’t think I mentioned the woman Ron was helping out yesterday. We stopped for a break at a rest area outside of Laramie. Ron took Jewel for a walk and a woman in a van had a service dog with her. Jewel and the service dog got chummy and the woman told Ron she had a service dog because she falls all the time. As Ron was walking away the woman asked Ron if she was gong in the right direction to North Carolina. He thought she was kidding but later we saw her looking at her map so Ron brought his road atlas out to her and routed her to North Carolina. As it turned out the woman was a retired PA, has MS and is traveling the country with her dog. She was not only driving a fully loaded van she was towing a trailer with an outboard motor, had a zodiac and a surfboard and any kind of surgical equipment one might need. Don’t ask – we don’t know. At the campground she was re-arranging her stuff- lots and lots and lots of stuff

About 30 miles down the road we stopped to gas the RV and who pulled in next to us but the same woman. Then after checking in at the CG we drove around to see if anyone else was there and guess who- yes the same woman – what are the odds – OK Kelly and Megan – 100%. LOL

Tomorrow we plan to stop in Cheyenne and do some sightseeing there.

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