Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 102 HOME Campground Raynham, MA

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September 12, 2009


This morning Jewel and I did a little investigating and found there are beaches and some trails at this campground. IMG_5188Unfortunately it was raining and cold (welcome back to Massachusetts) so we did not get to enjoy them. It was a tossup if we were going to go back home via the Mohawk Trail or the interstate. The Mohawk Trail Region LINK:


The weather seemed to clear so we chose the trail. The Mohawk trail was the first designated scenic highway; boy you should see it now run down and dilapidated (past tense). When I was a young boy I enjoyed many happy times in this area. Half way thru the weather got ugly and we decided to take the interstate. We truly enjoyed ourselves and the visit with Kelly and her family was more than we could have dreamed of.

So until our next adventure sayonara.

We traveled 9,243.5 miles in the Motorhome and another 3,871 miles in the Jeep for a total of 13,114.5 miles of enjoyment. I think I snapped a picture for every mile.


Good By, r0n and Deb

I captured a picture of this Dead Leave it reminded me of the END to our trip.



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  1. Enjoyed following your trip. Glad you got home safe. But can see Ron's point on still being on the road. Happy you enjoyed your trip.

    Woolfy From Rv.Net